Pico Masaki is a singer songwriter from Japan, who spent several years traveling the world and is now living and performing in Vancouver.

Playing piano since the age of five, Pico has performed at many music festivals in Japan, Australia and Canada.

Her father is also a musician, a Shakuhachi flute master.


Since moving to Australia and now living in Vancouver, she has been focusing on playing an Asian traditional instrument called "Koto" (known as "Guzheng" in China).  By playing this instrument she seeks to express the beauty of Asian culture full of zen and refinement.  Her style is unique as she tunes her Koto/Guzheng not only in a traditional way but also in a Western way (Do, Re, Mi, as if you tune a piano).

This makes it possible for her to play multicultural music (traditional Celtic music, Latin and pop among other genres) to create a fusion of Western and Eastern sounds showcasing the diversity of the city and communities in which we live.



<Peace One day@ Byron bay>

Pico was invited to the Peace One Day Event and she sang '1 minute for Peace' on World Peace day  (21st Sep.) After singing she guided One minute meditation for Peace.

The video and article below have been published by the Echo, local news paper.


Past events

<March to Palestine>

She joined the protest regarding Israel's recent attack on Gaza and sang ' Smile for Peace' and '1 minute for Peace'.



<Sakura Days Japan Fair> @ VanDusen Botanical Garden 

Singing along with Koto, a Japanese traditional instrument which represents beautiful Japanese culture full of serenity and refinement.



 Vancouver Kitsilano Farmers Marcket

I was warmly welcomed by the beautiful community at Kitsilano Farmers Market.

I was so touched by wonderful people who support local musicians.

A lady who offered me donation along with a rose🌹 
The little children who approached me with sparkling eyes and asked questions about Koto.

Especially when a lady in wheelchair gave me the most beautiful smiles and words along with donation, my eyes were full of happiness of tears and I didn’t bother to hold it back.



Granville Island

The eyes of people...
When we feel, we feel the same way no matter where we are from

I was contemplating on the miracle moments I had the other day when I was performing on Granville island.

I performed Japanese traditional songs from my heart, focusing on the refinement and serenity of the culture. Even before the performance...including the time while I was setting up the equipments.

For the most of people it was their first experience to listen to Japanese songs with Koto, as Japanese songs are not known worldwide.

So I was wishing their first time to be special and exceptional experiences.

When I performed, I was in a deep state of meditation.
I smiled at people’s faces one by one, slowly. My smiles came very naturally.
People smiled back at me, and
I felt their own life stories...from each of them. How they have been go through their lives.

I deeply felt that I was filled up with love. I was the one who received the most.
That was the deepest love I felt in my life.

When I finished the performance, people kindly came to talk to me.
The local people, the Indigenous people…people from the US, Europe, Asia...

Singing with Koto is my best meditation....and this is what my heart loves to express...
I’m a little dust, I’m nothing...but 
I can reach other stardust through music, and give love and receive love. The circulation of love, the flow of serenity.
It’s not emotional love,
Very calm deep love.

I’m truly grateful to be alive right now, and to have opportunities to share my music with people from all over the world.
And to feel connected to people through music.

I really felt that even though we are from different cultures, speak different languages, as a human being we are the same and we are one.
Our sense of values are different, we might have different perceptions for many things, but when we FEEL, we feel the same.






演奏の前の、セットアップの時から 洗練と静けさを感じていました。




愛を一番 受け取ったのは私で、こんな深い愛を感じたのは生まれて初めてでした。


私は小さい塵にすぎなくて、何者でもないけれど。。。音楽を通して 他の人たちと通じ合え、






~Koto Meets Violin~

I'll be performing with a beautiful talented violinist Gavia at NIKKEI MATSURI on Sunday September 2nd.

It's wonderful to collaborate with other asian instruments as Koto is a Japanese traditional instrument…
I know it will go well together, but I thought it would be very interesting to collaborate with western instruments.

“Violin” to me is a Queen of the western instruments, so romantic, emotional, serine, graceful….

And here we are…Violin and Koto sound AMAZING together.

Please come and enjoy our beautiful harmony and fusion of East and West ~**

-Date: Sunday September 2 
(Pico & Gavia will be performing at 3:50pm @ Main stage)

-Place:Nikkei Centre
6688 Southoaks Crescent, Burnaby BC

-$3 Entry Free for all indoor activities

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