"Oneness Music Journey",

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...Let go of everything, close your eyes, and listen to "New Age Music infused with Asian traditional instrument" which will transport you to a Zen garden

Pico Masaki is a singer songwriter from Japan. Playing piano since the age of five, she sings both in English and Japanese.


Since moving to Australia and now living in Canada, she has studied an Asian traditional instrument "koto" with a master, and has performed at many festivals such as Global Soundscapes Festival presented by Vancouver Inter-Cultural Orchestra as one of the very few singer songwriters in the world who incorporate the Asian traditional instrument into contemporary music while maintaining her authenticity.

"She shows how traditions can be adapted for modern styles, as well as maintaining and continuing connections to the past. " - Nikkei national museum

This album includes 2 Japanese traditional songs and Pico's original songs with koto, guzheng, piano and synthesizers.

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