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Feeling vulnerable to share this

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

I wrote this blog post to introduce myself - who I am as a musician and a major turning point in my life.

Although I feel nervous to share this, I thought it’s important to share my path with you as it has made a great impact on my music journey.

There is a video I made for you below ↓ so I’d like to invite you to watch it after reading my post.

If you cannot find an email with a download link for my songs, please check your promotion/spam folders. If you have any problems email me

I was born and grown up in Japan.

I play an Asian traditional instrument called koto/guzheng, and sing with it. My style is very unique, because very few musicians in the world SING with this instrument.

I seek to express the beauty of Japanese culture, especially the unique cultural concepts such as “The pathos of things” - “Monono Aware” in Japanese. It’s a deep sensation you feel when you realize that nothing lasts forever.

In Japan people find beauty in something disappearing - for example cherry blossom petals falling down like snow - because it’s the last moment when the beauty shines and makes us realize that we need to cherish each moment which will never come back.

There were 2 turning points in my life - one was when I was taken to hospital because of a massive bleeding when I was 15.

This is the part that I’m nervous to share- One day I was taken to hospital because of a massive bleeding. I had severe endometriosis at 15 years “young”. My case was very rare so that I could have bled to death if I was not taken to the hospital at the right time.

I remember I was thinking in my head “ Wow…I’m bleeding so badly…am I dying? I’m only 15! Life is so short!!” Finally I fainted.

Then I found myself lying in a hospital bed after receiving a blood transfusion.

This was a life changing experience to make me realize how fragile we are, which resonates with Japanese special cultural concept called “Monono Aware” (The pathos of things). This concept has become the theme of my music.

I have a favour of you. Leave me a comment below or email me and let me know how you feel about this post, what you think of the songs you’ve heard so far, or even just to say hi!

It would mean a lot.

To those who are connected via email address, be sure to add my address to your contacts/ safe-senders list and keep an eye out for your inbox, I'll send you another FREE SONG later💖

If you’d like to hear the most recent milestone of that journey, click here to listen to my most recent album, ‘From Darkness To The Light’.

Thanks again. Please do leave a comment, it would be my pleasure to hear from you!

⬇︎【HERE IS THE VIDEO I MADE FOR YOU! 】 (There are more videos to come, please "like / follow" my Facebook page "Pico Zen Music" 🙏❤️ THANK YOU! Pico

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